You are the author of your life.

12 May You are the author of your life.

What looks like a burden or a dark patch in your life, may actually be the universe telling you to move in a different direction. When you see hardships for what they are and shift to a new path, you never lose faith that life is trying to guide you to your highest purpose.

As the weight is shed – body, mind and spirit – life flows more easily and you are more at peace within yourself. Carrying extra weight presents a conflict within you, a sense of uneasiness or failure.

In meditation there are no limits, demands, self-judgment or negative feelings. It is a pure experience in the now. In the meditative state things are simple; you experience yourself as a peaceful, open space. That state is the foundation of your whole entire existence. From it comes your thoughts feeling and actions.

The open state of the mind gives you access to any possibility. And living without self-judgment is one of the most natural modes of being.

Here are my top 4 takeaways from the third week, to enlighten your body, mind and soul with the benefits of meditation:

  1. TRANSFORMATION | You are the author of your life. You inherently become the stories you tell yourself. And when you let go of all that no longer serves you and begin to write a fulfilling story, your world naturally opens up. That is what transformation is about – embodying a story that nurtures every stage of your life. As you transform and embrace your truest self, an open page is created for new opportunities. Consider the themes you want your story to be about. Set intentions, and that power will drive personal reality. The greatest transformation comes when you own your power.
  2. REFLECTION | Create a positive reflection through the power of awareness. When you create space in your mind, body and spirit, you can pause, except each moment and take charge of how you choose to respond. The more centered and accepting you are in each moment, the more creative and positive the energy you bring. Habits no longer control you and weigh you down. Be a conscious agent of change. Any trick of the mind can be defeated by becoming aware of the trick, because what you are aware of you can change. When you accept where you are without judgement, you relax and gain an open perspective – this is how you win the mind game. Centered and at peace, any outward reflection is possible.
  3. LOVE | Live life from a place of love. Without love there is no lasting transformation. Love is a spiritual force, yet also affects us emotionally – as a pleasure that is almost pain and a pain that is almost pleasure. When you approach life from a spiritual place of love, it becomes easier to be compassionate, forgiving, kind, grateful and nonjudgmental. Love increases when your ego is less invested; it is a constant reality when you are your true self. A life lived in love is the most realistic life of all.
  4. JOY | Joy is unlimited. That is why your transformation journey is lifelong. With transformation comes the desire to bring more joy and lightness into your life and the lives that you love. This is not a solitary journey. When you carry excess weight – mentally, physically or spiritually – life feels very lonely because no one can carry your burdens for you. It becomes a demand forced on you that you never wanted. As you experience changes that feel very positive, you will positively influence the people in your life that are closest to you. Your personal transformation will also have the effect of making the world a better place – a lighter, more joyful place. So offer your joy to everyone.

And that is the beauty of being still and meditating.

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