Shed the Weight (Body, Mind + Soul)

14 Apr Shed the Weight (Body, Mind + Soul)

I am keeping the intuition and enlightenment alive here at the Gorgeous Gut, and telling you even more of my secrets! After last week’s Gut Healthy Challenge, it feels right to dive into a mindful practice that is my #1 self-care necessity. It has been life-changing for me on every level.

That practice is meditation.

When meditation was first introduced to me a few years ago, I did not believe in it entirely. I wasn’t in the best place in my head and was completely out of touch with myself. I could not hear my intuitive voice. I lacked self-confidence and self-fulfillment, and could not relax or be present.

But I wasn’t totally aware of all this until I started meditating. Once I learned how to breathe deeply, I was able to relax. It then became evident that these ingrained characteristics were the main reasons why I kept pushing meditation away. I didn’t want to hang out with myself!

I was dedicated to do the inner work and shift my negative habits, routines and mindsets. So I started with 10 seconds a day, after a cycle of my favorite deep breathing technique, and worked up from there.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. I have experimented with many different techniques to find what type of meditation, position and environment works best for me at the moment. Most recently, I experienced a 21 day meditation guided by Deepak Chopra. He teamed up with Oprah on this meditation journey in discovering what truly nourishes your entire being and lifts the heaviness holding you back from being your best self.

I want to encourage you to start now and start small, so I created an email series of meditation insights from this experience to inspire you to build your practice.

It may just change your life…

Here are my top 4 takeaways from the first week, to enlighten your body, mind and soul with the benefits of meditation:

  1. LIGHTNESS | Children embody a natural lightness. Yet through your life experiences, adventures, disappointments and the like, you develop a heaviness on your body, mind and spirit. That childlike lightness is your natural state, your true self. To get back there, start with emotional balance. As your emotions flow freely, your life will lighten. But rather than be your emotions, be the awareness behind your emotions. Understand the root cause. You will radiate peace.
  2. FULFILLMENT | Fulfillment is the feeling that you are complete and content in this moment. Though when you feel incomplete or lacking in some way, you are no longer centered. This inner feeling of emptiness is where cravings of every kind come from. Instead of fighting a habit that always fights back, ask yourself what you are really hungry for. You will discover that what you are searching for is already within, as your true self lacks nothing. By seeking to understand instead of react, you shift from mindlessness to being more mindful. You begin to fill yourself up. Meditation allows you to be in a deeper and deeper state of fulfillment as time unfolds.
  3. SELF-AWARENESS | Your body desires to be well, nourished, balanced, strong and energized. However, poor habits of thinking and behaving unbalance your state of being nourished in body, mind and spirit. Breaking up patterns of unconscious behavior is the key. By recognizing habitual negative thoughts, you will begin to affirm your positive truths and be able to shift to a more satisfied, whole place. You will honor that you are the source of your own inner healing.
  4. POSITIVE BALANCE | Positive input nourishes you at every level. Every day you energetically metabolize your experiences, thoughts, feelings and actions. They become part of your body. Allowing stressful or negative feelings to build up ultimately drains you. They dim your light and take you out of balance. When you internalize the positive and keep the negative at bay, your good energy is amplified and your burdens are lifted. By going to the very source of yourself – the place that is beyond fear and worry – you open the door to wholeness and move toward your inherent and natural confidence. You bypass ego and other human impulses that separate your life to different and disconnected realms.


And that is the beauty of being still and meditating.



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