It’s Time to Gut Healthy…

05 Apr It’s Time to Gut Healthy…

Spring has sprung with a lot of intuitive eating and mindfulness here on the Gorgeous Gut. That’s because it is the groundwork to discovering your truest self. It is the foundation of presence, awareness and self-love.

This inner work was something I focused on after I cleaned up my gut. But as I support my clients and continue to support myself, it is evident that this awareness is one of the most important aspects to achieving the healthiest version of you.

That is why I am so excited to start off the month of April with my 7 Day Gut Healthy Challenge via Instagram. Everyday I am giving tips for you to align your body, mind, soul and eating. We are only on Day 2, and it is never too late to join!

Eating healthy is not about what size jeans you fit into. It is about clearing out your system so you can actually hear the messages your body is giving you. So I challenge you turn off the other voices that make you doubt and second guess yourself – those voices that interrupt your intuitive gut instinct.

Together, let’s get clear on your intentions and start building awareness in your body. The Gut Healthy Challenge will take you down the road to achieving intuitive gut health in the healthiest version on you.

Head over to Instagram for all the challenge details. Amazing prizes included!


Chew + Breathe,

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