Cravings Are Good!

29 Jan Cravings Are Good!

HEALTH SPOTLIGHT: Alexandra Jamieson


Cravings are non-verbal messages from your body that something is needed. Because we do not hear them as words, we are not taught how to interpret them as messages.

You deserve to trust your body, cravings and desires. And once you begin to practice and build awareness of that, you start a whole different level of healing. Your body is amazing, and by listening to it and feeling good, you begin to build a friendship with it.

Constant cravings guide your body and soul by speaking through them every day. Your cravings drive you to eat, create, go on vacation, ask that guy out; they pull you forward in life. The world would be dead if there were no cravings. However, the problem comes when you misinterpret the information, and struggle to find what you truly want and need.

It’s easy to become distracted, fill up your schedule to the max and not allow yourself to enjoy life. So ask yourself, where you are going and are you going to be happy when you get there?

What if you gave yourself all the pleasure that you think you are going to have someday, right now. This is freedom. Freedom from thinking you are wrong, that your body is wrong and that you are eating wrong.

You don’t see this connection until you see it. And when you start to see the link between your physical desires, your food cravings, and how your life is designed for you to be and feel the way you want to, this is when the real magic happens.

I have learned all of this from The Cravings Whisperer, Alexandra Jamieson (best-selling author, Functional Nutrition and Cleanse Coach, and Gourmet Chef). She can bring clarity to cravings on an unbelievable level. Her most recent book, Women, Food & Desire, discusses her incredible cravings story and much more.

Alex has broken these messages down into four types of cravings. Begin to explore and help answer your cravings appropriately, really heal your body, feel good and have the life you want. Keep in mind that these types of cravings can team up together. Therefore, it really takes a deep analysis of yourself, and your life; looking at your routines, habits and mindsets.

  1. BACTERIAL CRAVINGS | They are going to get you up off the couch at 10 PM, take you to the fridge and pull out the ice cream. An imbalance of bad bacteria and yeasts in the body that crave more and more sugar to keep growing and surviving can cause an imbalance in your life and gut.
  2. NUTRITIONAL CRAVINGS | You probably eat enough food and get enough of calories, but if you are missing necessary micronutrients, minerals and vitamins, you will be deprived physically. Often, your body is asking for what it needs but you either don’t interpret the message correctly or you reach for the cheapest, easiest way to get it.
  3. EMOTIONAL CRAVINGS | Cravings for joy, connection, and peace can lead you to consume empty calories to numb poor moods and emotions. Also, the part of your brain that lights up when you are lonely, is the same part that lights up when we have physical pain. So when you are lonesome and feeling disconnected with other people, it hurts.
  4. PHYSICAL CRAVINGS | As a human beings, movement and touch are necessary to be healthy. Even 10-60 seconds of hugging will allow you to release dopamine and oxytocin. This is when your body starts to feel good.


Embrace your cravings as your friends, make peace with food, and reclaim your body!

I know it is challenging stuff and much harder to wrap your head around than needing to lose 5 pounds. This intuitive way of eating, listening to your body, healing your physical self, and your emotional self takes more time, but it actually works for the long term.

You deserve a vibrant life. Why waste a moment of this precious existence. Use what you got, build on this awareness and enjoy!


Make health fun,

Anna Updated Sig




Alex Jamieson is The Cravings Whisperer. She is a best-selling author, Functional Nutrition and Cleanse Coach, and professionally trained as a gourmet chef. She has been on Oprah, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Martha Stewart Living, CNN, Fox News, USA Today and People.  Alex is the co-star and co-creator of the Oscar nominated documentary Supersize Me. She is also co-creator of the Great American Detox Diet. Her newest book, Women, Food & Desire reached #1 on Amazon in multiple categories.

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