Be Still.

27 Apr Be Still.

Hello Gorgeous! How is your meditation practice evolving?

This is part two of an email series on meditation insights from Deepak Chopra’s 21 day experience.

Week two of the meditation adventure continues to shed the weight  (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) by becoming your body’s ally in restoration, healing and recovery.

Your mind, body and soul are dynamically interconnected. Your cells feel your thoughts, and process them chemically. When you fall into the habit of viewing yourself as many distant and separate parts, a sense of struggle, lack and emptiness becomes present. This creates a burden that becomes part of your attitudes, beliefs and feelings.

The only way to fill that void is from within. The soul always knows what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind. Healing comes with integrating all of your apparently separate parts into a seamless whole. And as you let go of judgement, pain and blame you can access that wholeness.

By aligning your healing process you own your feelings and emotions. You begin to shed the heaviness by infusing positive intentions, beliefs and ultimately the choices you make for yourself.

Deepak’s guidelines for alignment are:

  • Be easy with yourself, as blame and judgement never reach a goal.
  • Be self-reliant and claim your own life.
  • Embody what you admire – instead of seeking for the one that will love you perfectly, be the one; be that love. When you embody what you seek, you begin to see it everywhere you look.


Here are my top 4 takeaways from the second week, to enlighten your body, mind and soul with the benefits of meditation:

  1. HEALING | Once you intend to heal, the healing has already begun. The healing process should uplift and liberate you, bringing a sense of joyful renewal and possibility. Begin healing by embracing your whole self through meditation. As you become more mindful, experiences become richer. That abundance can replace old burdens because your true self is just waiting for you to be fulfilled. And this is where the hidden power of the mind-body-soul connection lies.
  2. PEACEFUL RESTORATION |  As you meditate you allow your inner peace to be your guide. The inner peace is your guiding force to create a new lighter self, free from burdens and any sense of hunger or lack. Your true self is perfect peace. As Deepak says, there is no way to peace, peace is the way. And there is tremendous peace knowing that the key to healing is just being yourself.
  3. STILLNESS | In stillness you can recognize negative feelings without being attached to them. You are able to face them and move beyond. By clearing out negative fears, you create space and open up a channel of new energy – energy of healing, possibility and lightness. Stillness takes us to a place of peace and calm inside, yet at the same time it brings up old issues. Being comfortable with the old issues takes knowledge and practice. If you continue to deny and repress old emotional wounds they grow stronger and sabotage our life from the unconscious. As you meditate over time you stop believing that avoidance and repression are helping you. Fortunately the awareness that sees that need to heal, acquires the strength to heal at the same time – just like your wound instantly starts to repair itself.
  4. PRESENCE | The present moment is your magnet and your compass. It is your highest state of being; your most powerful spiritual practice. By projecting the future, insecurity and worry, you resist the natural flow to be present and completely free from doubt. The future presents a form of unreality, and dwelling outside the present is disabling. You have to create a space within where presence and peace are real. Life is at its best when it is fresh, new and spontaneous. Today is where happiness is possible and real. By meditating you are in the now and you meet the unknown, which is where the true self always abides.


And that is the beauty of being still and meditating.

All my love,

Anna Updated Sig

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