Are Your Seasonal Allergies Really a Health Problem?

16 Mar Are Your Seasonal Allergies Really a Health Problem?

Your immune system is confused.

Your seasonal allergies have developed into a year round torture of sneezing, itching, sniffing and coughing. You find yourself at the allergist and end up with prescription medications. You start to think, “does it really make sense to take chemicals for the rest of my life to quiet my symptoms in order to function?”

The source of your allergies may not be a single, environmental problem. Symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, watery eyes or itching are mechanisms that are activated by your immune system to get rid of foreign invaders. Regardless of where in the body an allergy manifests – in the lungs or on the skin for instance – the confusion of the immune system can almost always be traced back to gut dysfunction. (Clean Gut by Dr. Alejandro Junger)

Certain foods can also trigger the immune system and present these same symptoms. It can be immediate, making it easy to link it to an itch or a sneeze; or it can be delayed, meaning the itching and sneezing may begin up to seventy-two hours after the food was consumed.

I have had clients who are certain they have seasonal allergies get rid of their symptoms after they improve their gut health. The pollen or the food in question hasn’t gone away completely, however they no longer respond allergically.

Dr. Alejandro Junger calls the gut the body’s Achilles’ Heel because it is the weakest part of our biology. Incorporating practice and principles of gorgeous gut health into your lifestyle is key to a life free of this suffering.

With spring in the air, you may already be attempting to avoid the usual offenders. Don’t fight the good fight alone this year!

Essential oils are a natural and safe way to treat allergy symptoms, as well as reduce your body’s sensitivity to foreign intruders. They can help you boost your immune system and fight inflammation, infections, bacteria, parasites and other harmful toxins.

Dr. Axe’s infographic of his top 5 essential oils for allergies will help guide you down the path of relief…

Essential Oils + Allergies Graphic


to a healthy spring forward!

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