4 Secrets to Nourish a Body You Love, Feel Fantastic, and Live Your Life

24 Feb 4 Secrets to Nourish a Body You Love, Feel Fantastic, and Live Your Life

After years and years of obsessing over “healthy” foods, becoming overly stressed and causing more dis-ease in my body than was actually real (with merely my thoughts), I finally found serenity.

Feeling anxious around food, emotional eating, overeating and the lack of freedom in life that followed, resulted in a distorted view of food. I made lists of “good” and “bad” foods and went into a restriction frenzy. I was never satisfied.

It’s exciting to say that I have finally found one of life’s most empowering gifts – being able to hear the intuitive voice within your body and fuel it with the food it loves. I know my body and that is the greatest feeling. Health has become effortless, stress- and anxiety-free.

There is no specific name for my unique diet and lifestyle blueprint. I am not vegan, paleo or gluten free. I enjoy a variety of everything and focus on indulging in foods I love. And that is what gorgeous gut health is about.

Here are my secrets to nourishing a body you love, feeling fantastic right now, and living a life you love:

  1. BREAK UP WITH DIETING | Restrictive eating or meal planning will not teach you how to eat for your body and live from your gut. In the end, it is only a quick fix, and an exhausting one I’d say. Throw out the “bad” foods list, as this type of negative relationship is breeding grounds for obsessive behavior. Once you’ve labeled a food “bad,” you fear it. Your consciousness is consumed by the thought of this “bad” food and you stress out. Labeling a food as “good” can be just as bad. Once it has been deemed “good” you begin to eat the food more out of duty or obligation. This removes the pleasure of eating intuitively. Imagine what your life would look like if all the energy you put into stress and anxiety about food and your body was available. How would your life be different with all that additional energy? Write it down. Go with your gut.
  2. LOVE YOUR BODY, EVEN THROUGH HEALTH CHALLENGES | What if you believed your body was already healthy and your life was already abundant? What if you were satisfied and nothing needed to be fixed or healed? How would your relationship with food, your body and health change? Well it all starts with your mind. Our feelings and beliefs impact every cell. How you speak to yourself matters and truly affects your health. Coming from a place of love and appreciation is absolutely critical when you are looking to make long term changes to your health and body. Spending your life waiting to be perfect before you pursue your true dreams is a disservice to you as well as those that can benefit from gifts only you can give.
  3. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD & BE PRESENT | If given the chance, your body will naturally thrive. It wants to eat whole foods, feel good and adapt to servicing your needs. If you let go of listening to all of the external noise and get out of your own head, you will be able to hear the intuitive wisdom of your body. You will discover what your soul truly desires and increase pleasure in your life. This is where you will find a grounded and well balanced approach to gorgeous gut health. So step out of your head and into your body, mind and soul. Slow down and breathe deep. Feel all your emotions fully. This is where freedom from food lies. Show up to every meal present and in the moment as your most loving, joyous and healthy self.
  4. BE CURIOUS | Become a detective in your own body. Next time you’re bloated, irritable, depressed, breaking out, ill, overweight or overeating, get curious. Dissect your health concerns down to the root cause. Skip the judgement and excuses – they will not get you very far. Staying curious as to why you are experiencing certain situations helps you begin to build the connection between what you consume and how you feel. Your intuitive voice grows stronger. And so does your overall health and well-being.


I want to hear from you!

Is this something you’re struggling with?

What fears are holding you back?


To your greatest health,

Anna Updated Sig

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